I am Marie - a wedding, couple and portrait photographer based in Munich, Germany. I started self employment after finishing my photo design studies in 2018. Taking photos of people has always felt right for me because every couple has its own, very personal story to tell. Me and my camera can´t wait to capture yours!


I want your wedding to be real. I want you to feel all the moments, big and tiny ones, again and again when you look at the photos decades later. So. You're not gonna get posed pictures and stuff with me. I love unique, individual weddings where the bride and groom don't listen to what everyone else tells them and just do their thing. I couldn't be happier if this means taking pictures of the bride walking barefoot on the lawn because she is tired of wearing her shoes...


So let's meet, have a cup of coffee and chat about your wedding. I am so excited to hear who you are, what dreams you share and what makes you, well, YOU!  


"When a pleasantly unagitated way of working meets a lot of feeling for the people in front of the camera. Thank you for these wonderful wedding photos, dear Marie. Heartfelt recommendation." 

"If you are looking for an excellent photographer, who rounds off the wedding with beautiful pictures in a professional and emphatic way, we can warmly recommend Marie."


"We loved our experience with Marie! From the location choice, communications, her personality, her directive, amazing work and fast turn around. We were so impressed and wish her much success."


Marie is a German based wedding and couple photographer, specializing in emotional and joy filled photos with a modern and romantic touch. German wedding & elopement photographer. Available for destination weddings too.